Roof Repair New Berlin WI – Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

Roof Repair New Berlin WI – Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

If you’re like many New Berlin homeowners, your top concern isn’t roofing. Still, your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. The article below can help you learn all that you need about roofing.

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Roof Repair

Avoid putting off a roof repair for any length of time, even if it seems like a minor issue. Once a shingle or two have blown off, it’s much easier for the wind to get underneath the rest and blow them off too, one-by-one. Fixing your roof right away will minimize damage, saving you money.

Check your roof for leaks. Look for water-stained areas on your ceiling. Bubbled paint and sponginess are two classic signs of water damage. If you find any of these warning signs, it’s time for some roof repair.

New Berlin Roofing Installation

Before you sign anything, make sure you have a proposal from your New Berlin contractor in writing. It should include scheduling, including the anticipated completion date, a detailed cost analysis, information about what procedures they have for installation, information on your warranty and all the contact information you’ll require for the company.

Make sure the roofing materials are inspected before using them. Lots of leaks occur from improper materials, such as nails that are the wrong length or cracked shingles. Therefore, you should ensure your shingles have no cracks and that your nails are the proper length and size to completely secure your shingles.

Watch out for storm chasers

Many roofing companies will try to target homeowners following a storm. There are contractors that hang around residential areas after a huge storm has hit. Many of them are from other states and have no documentation for your state. Telltale signs of storm chasers are adhesive vehicle signs, area codes that are not local and references that are far from the area. If you are contacted, first research to see if you can find out how big the hail was. Normally, it has to be more than an inch in diameter to really harm your roof. If the hail was smaller than that, you probably do not need repairs.

Whenever you have your roof re-shingled, always save a small stack of the new shingles. Some roofing projects, such as replacing shingles displaced by wind or hail, are simple enough to tackle on your home. Matching the color and texture of the shingles, however, is somewhat more difficult. By keeping a few extra shingles on hand, you can repair the damage without a noticeable difference.

Always check the shady side of your home for deterioration of the shingles. The side that is exposed most to the sun lasts longer because the heat of the sun keeps the shingles lying flat. This prevents wind and rain from loosening the shingles, but shingles on the shaded side come loose sooner.


Sometimes shingles leak, but the foundation can leak too. If there is dry rot on your roof, water can get into your house. Check all possible entries, including looking for rotted wood, to make sure the problem is solved permanently.

If you need to walk on your roof, it is important that you do it at a time when it is not too cold or hot. Extreme weather tends to make shingles very brittle, so walking on them during this time can cause a lot of damage. Morning is the best time during summer months, and afternoon is best in the winter.

Roofing Insurance

When meeting with a professional New Berlin roofer, ask to see a copy of their liability insurance. Any trustworthy contractor should have copies readily available. When you’re trusting someone with your roof, you want all your bases covered. Additionally, if something happens to the roof while they are working, their insurance should pay for the problem.

As mentioned, a lot of homeowners don’t think about roofing or know much about it. As you can see from the article you just read, this is important so that small issues do not become big expenses due to neglect. Roofing care is essential for the well-being of your family and your home.

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